We know that socialization is important for dogs, but we also understand that group walks are not a one size fits all solution. Elderly dogs, those recovering from injury or illness, or dog who prefer to have their own space are often better suited for individual walks. On individual walks, we typically:

  • Time of service takes place mid-day between 11-1pm
  • Walk through your local neighborhood, on leash.
  • Meet and greet other dogs, only if your dog is comfortable with it.
  • Reinforce basic obedience and learn new skills
  • Give plenty of cuddles and belly rubs!

We offer individual walks in either half hour or one-hour time slots, depending on your preference and most importantly, your dog’s needs.

Group Adventure Walks

These off-leash walks are ideal for dogs that just need to get out of the house for their daily constitutional. These walks are best suited for dogs looking to burn off some excess energy. Our group walks offers plenty of swimming, chasing of sticks and group activities. While you’re stuck at work let your dog go on an adventure! With Group Off-Leash Dog Adventures your dog will get a full hour of unleashed exercise and excitement in a safe, wide-open and protected space with his best friends!

They are offered daily in 60minute durations and are just enough to put a smile on their faces!

On group walks, we typically:

  • Time of day services takes place: usually between 8-3pm.
  • Walk or run through some of Calgary’s parks, like Ethworthy park, River
    Park, Nose Hill Park and other area’s of our beautiful city.
  • Walk along the river and go for a swim in the warmer months.
  • Meet and greet other dogs.
  • Reinforce basic obedience and learn new skills.
  • Give plenty of cuddles and belly rubs!

All dogs have access to fresh water, toys and healthy treats, and of course, close supervision at all times. We really do believe that the majority of dogs benefit most from group walks with other dogs. It gives them a chance to engage in instinctual pack behavior, which keeps them mentally and physically healthy, and also drains all that extra restless energy from being alone in the house during the work day.

Coaches Corner

Members Only Service

Sit, Stay. Down. Fetch

Basic or beginners training and behaviour issues ranging 4 to 6 weeks. This course is designed to give you the necessary tools to achieve an educated, obedient and happy dogs using positive methods.

You will learn to teach your pet:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Stay
  • Wait
  • Come when distracted
  • To walk on a loose leash
  • Most importantly pay attention

Our Rates

Hiring a professional dog walker or pet sitter is a quick and easy process. Once we’ve introduced ourselves, gotten to know your pet and their individual needs, we are your right hand in pet care.


Group Adventure

Group Adventure

Group Adventure

Private 30 Minute

Private 60 Minute

Pet Boarding

Pet Vacation Visits

Pet Coaching


2 x / wk

3-4 x / wk

5 x / wk

1-5 x / wk

1-5 x / wk

per day

per visits

per sessions


$22.50 ea.

$21.00 ea.

$20.00 ea.

$25.00 ea.

$30.00 ea.

$50.00 /day

$22.50 /visit


**Charges will be applied for extra dogs**