Laurent has been caring for our Golden Retriever, Piper for about ten years. We feel so fortunate to have found Le Woof because Piper is not only getting the exercise, enjoyment and socialization she needs; she also gets some excellent training and correction of some of her bad habits. Laurent has years of dog training behind him, and understands so many issues that dogs and puppies might exhibit. Best of all, Laurent loves what he does, and I’m sure the dogs can tell! Mare

Laurent is a great dog walker. He’s been walking princess and prince for about 3 years now. They love him. Highly recommended! – Sue R.

I have been a client of Laurent’s for about 7 years now and I recommend Laurent to everyone I know! He is great with the Dog’s. My dog looks forward to seeing Laurent every day and Laurent treats him as if he is his own. I feel better leaving him at home for those longs days knowing that he will get out to play with the other dogs. I appreciate the fact that Laurent has gotten to know my dog and puts him in the packs that work best for him. He’s a little 10 pound guy so Laurent walks him with the other little ones that he knows he will have the most fun with! – Nicole G.

I share Nicole G’s sentiments. My golden has a special bond with Laurent and looks forward to his outings each week. I’ve been a client for over 4 years. I love coming home to a happy dog after a long day at work. I recommend his services to those who want their dog not only to be well taken care of, but also have a lot of fun too… (I.e. Swimming and wrestling with other dogs)… 🙂 – Heidi F.